WanaCryptor File Encryption and Decryption



This is a quick post about the WanaCryptor ransomware wreaking havoc on many networks across the world this weekend. With all the news coverage, most of you already know the trouble caused by it.

Once executed on a system, it will use the RSA and AES cryptographic algorithms to encrypt files before demanding payment in exchange for a key necessary to recover those files. If you want to understand the RSA cryptosystem, please read here since all the talk about public and private keys might be confusing to some readers at first.


The source code provided along with this post is intended primarily for security researchers who wish to understand the encryption and decryption process, which may help with recovery of files in the event authors of ransomware decide to release their private key.

There’s no discussion here on any behavior of the ransomware except the encryption/decryption process…

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