Workflow 1.7.1 Brings the Ability I’ve Been Waiting For


Released on March 1, Workflow 1.7.1 brings the ability I’ve been waiting for—calling an existing workflow inside another workflow.


I’ve been tracking the time I spent on various personal activities, mostly my reading activity, for more than five years. Along the way, I’ve tested a number of apps and web services and always itched for a more efficient way to do the tracking. Putting aside how much productivity tracking the time can endow you, the very procedure of starting and stopping a timer with most apps is not productive at all. Sometimes I would rather not to trigger a timer, simply due to the hassle of unlocking my phone, launching the app and hitting the start button.

Everything’s changed with the advent of Workflow app on iOS.

I was amazed by the smart workflow designed by Federico Viticci, where he had been able to leverage Workflow’s interacting with

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